Health Care Advocacy & Counsel

Recognizing the rapidly evolving health care landscape, Brown & Weinraub is diligent in monitoring state and federal policy and regulatory changes, predicting trends, and identifying new opportunities or potential challenges, as well as developing strategies to address those challenges or opportunities. We also provide targeted strategic advice and counsel related to specific transactional matters such as shepherding expansion or construction projects and licensure applications through state agencies.

Our seasoned team serves as vigorous advocates for our clients by:

  • Working with our clients to frame challenges or opportunities, develop proposed solutions consistent with a reform environment, and communicate the same to agencies of jurisdiction, the executive branch and the legislature to influence policy development.
  • Working with our clients to develop their value proposition and identify opportunities for partnership with the state.
  • Connecting clients with key decision-makers.

Our Strategic Planning Services include:

  • Assisting in reviewing and developing short, medium and long range strategic business plans including clinical, demographic, utilization and financial factors for health care providers, care systems, payers and other stakeholders.
  • Identifying and evaluating initiatives responsive to federal and state health reform.
  • Assessing, cultivating and making recommendations on potential public and private partnering opportunities relating to strategic alliances, mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, joint ventures, affiliations and divestitures/sales.
  • Conducting program and financial restructuring and valuation analyses.
  • Conducting market area and service assessment including competitors and in/out-migration.
  • Advising on regulatory matters and processes.
  • Interfacing with governmental entities as appropriate to identify and remove obstacles to successful strategic plan execution.
  • Presenting in public forums.
  • Providing other assistance as needed.

With respect to transactional matters, we:

  • Assist in reviewing and formulating appropriate capital investment and feasible financing strategies.
  • Provide guidance and recommendations including cost/benefit of refinancing and new debt/leasing options.
  • Maintain relationships with the lending community.
  • Interface with state agencies responsible for approving projects or applications.
  • Interface with the NYS Dormitory Authority and investment bankers regarding financing alternatives.
  • Assess options for credit enhancement such as FHA insurance, letters-of-credit, bank loans, private placements and obligated groups.
  • Explore potential equity sources such as grants, philanthropy and internally generated funds.
  • Assess appropriate debt to equity ratios;
  • Provide advice on regulatory matters and processes.
  • Present in public forums.
  • Provide other assistance as needed.