Government Relations

Brown & Weinraub is a premier government relations and full-service law firm that represent clients concerning legislative, regulatory and administrative matters before the state legislature, executive branch including the attorney general’s and state comptroller’s offices, and local governments throughout New York State.

As former senior government legal and policy advisors with decades of experience, we help clients successfully navigate legislative, policy, administrative, and procurement issues.

Patrick Brown and David Weinraub, our founding partners, were senior advisors to Governor Mario Cuomo. Other members of Brown & Weinraub served at a senior level to past Democratic and Republican Governors and Legislative Leaders.

We represent publicly traded, closely-held and not-for-profit corporations, including many Fortune 500 companies, who seek assistance growing their business in an environment with new policies and regulatory frameworks. Our firm also helps start-ups with legal and regulatory challenges, and with identifying strategic partners and new business opportunities.

Our clients rely on us to counsel them on:

  1. Evaluating and pursuing procurement and economic development opportunities.
  2. Structuring legislative strategies and identifying legislative opportunities.
  3. Advocating on legislation and regulations.
  4. Bidding on major construction projects.
  5. Drafting regulatory revisions.
  6. Messaging client capabilities, brand awareness and enhancing company leadership profiles.
  7. Developing strategic alliances and partnerships.
  8. Providing political intelligence.

We have significant experience working with executive management and corporate counsel, and can develop policy; identify emerging trends, opportunities and challenges; and devise responsive, proactive strategies leading to positive outcomes.