Strategic Consulting

Our senior advisors will provide consulting services to deliver a comprehensive business development solution for your firm from aligning your strategic objectives with the State to tactical decisions to penetrate the State market.  We have experience with firms at different stages of maturity from those driving to expand their existing presence in the State to those trying to first enter the market.  We have experience designing strategic growth roadmaps for our clients, navigating the challenges with bringing innovative ideas to government, and comprehensive written and oral preparation.

Strategic Growth Roadmaps

Each client is unique and will require our experts to spend time understanding the culture that drives your firm. This allows us to develop a strategic roadmap consistent with your core values that drives results in New York. Our roadmap will identify the value proposition of your product or service, key target markets across the state, key decisions makers, a timeline and necessary follow-up.

Innovation In Government

Innovation in government is a challenge because innovations often have a longer life cycle than political objectives can allow. Our team has high-level experience in government that will allow them to work with you to identify the appropriate target market and key decision makers, and develop a plan that demonstrates the value proposition of your innovation.

Client Preparation

Clients must be prepared to manage the State both vertically within an agency and horizontally across government.  Our preparation will include a red-line review of materials, preparation for agency presentations, and preparation for oral interviews.  These sessions will include a discussion around the key decision makers and stakeholders, relevant policies, existing programs and process issues, and any relevant political issues within an agency or across the State.