Our Experience Drives Innovative Solutions

Brown & Weinraub, PLLC is a leading edge Government Relations & Strategic Consulting firm, representing a broad spectrum of business interests established and/or seeking to expand in New York. Our clients range from Fortune 500 to start-up enterprises, from large health care systems to neighborhood clinics, and from industry pillars to disruptors.

Founded in 2000 by two lawyers who gained respect for each other’s expertise and approach while working for Governor Mario M. Cuomo, the firm has grown to include 30 professionals with backgrounds in government and the private sector. Members of our team have held leadership positions in executive and legislative branches of government, the financial service industry, the health service sector, law, business development and advocacy organizations, and have specialties in legislation, regulation, health care, government technology, public finance, economic development, labor, infrastructure, procurement and communications.

We hire people based on their ability to think creatively and deliver results.

The way our team approaches challenges is as important as our experience. We rely on clients to provide content expertise, so we start by listening and supplementing knowledge through fact finding. Specific needs are considered against the backdrop of the current climate – industry, legislative, regulatory and political. This is where our experience and relationships add real value. Each client is served by a team, and all members of our staff may be involved if they have something to contribute to understanding challenges or crafting solutions.

We build relationships with our clients.

Brown & Weinraub is a partner, we do more for our clients than handle transactions. Initially we may be called upon to address a specific problem but, typically, our advice offers more lasting value. We share an interest in advancing our clients’ agendas. As our client base grows, we continue to find opportunities for entities to work together and leverage complementary knowledge and strengths. We’ve facilitated joint ventures to solve problems and create new opportunities. Increasingly, Brown & Weinraub is helping industry disruptors and decision makers accommodate innovation in regulation and law.

We are strategic advisors.

Everything we do for clients can be described as strategic advisory services. Whether seemingly small or exceedingly complex, we address every issue with consideration of broader context and longer term implications. Ensuring the integrity of our clients’ reputations and managing public perception of challenges is of paramount concern to us. When appropriate, we propose multi-dimensional approaches – including media, stakeholder engagement and other strategies – and involve additional expert advisors as needed.

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