Covid-19 Cost Update

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Covid-19 Costs

Since March, State agencies have committed $2.2 billion in contracts and other spending related to Covid-19, most of which is expected to paid through the $5.1 billion in CARES Act funding for which NYS is eligible. The Buffalo News reported receiving the following summary of expenditures from the NYS Division of Budget:

  • $552 million for durable equipment, such as ventilators and portable X-rays, provided to hospitals.
  • $552 million for a range of personal protective equipment, including masks, that the state distributed to health care and other sectors.
  • $286 million for personnel costs; that covers state workers who spent all or a portion of their work days on Covid-related duties.
  • $117 million for Covid testing and $245 million by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runs subway and bus systems downstate, for the cost of cleaning, personnel and supplies.
  • $119 million for various refunds to students for Covid-fueled disruptions at the State University of New York and the City University of New York, such as payments for room and board that were not used after schools closed.
  • $220 million in general expenses ranging from transportation to coordination of emergency responses

The article also noted that the state believes local governments have spent or committed nearly $2 billion in response to the pandemic, bringing the statewide total to more than $4 billion.

Please note, these figures account for spending and don’t reflect the drop in government revenues associated with the pandemic.

Federal Aid

Governor Cuomo has said drastic cuts to the NYS budget will be needed if adequate relief is not included in the Covid-19 response bill being negotiated in Washington D.C.