COVID Survey Responses

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At the end of June, Brown & Weinraub asked its health care clients to respond to a series of open-ended questions regarding Executive Orders and regulatory waivers implemented during the pandemic. We were interested in learning which had been most helpful in allowing them to operate efficiently and safely while maintaining access to needed services for the communities they serve.  We also asked about issues related to federal relief packages.

We received responses from hospital systems, behavioral health providers, home care providers, community based providers, and another health care consultant.  Some of these responses were quite detailed and others more general.  Clearly and overwhelmingly, the steps New York State has taken to increase access to and otherwise enable telehealth services received the most comments.  These were followed by the importance of the waivers providing flexibility relating to workforce and scope of practice issues, as well as waivers that provided relief to facility and certificate of need requirements for Article 28 facilities.

The survey responses demonstrate how valuable the Administration’s actions to provide flexibility have been during the course of this pandemic, as well as how much interest there is in making many of these measures permanent.

As a result, we summarized the responses and shared them with the Governor’s staff.

If you are interested in receiving the summary, please contact our office.