In Case You Missed it On Social Media – January 13

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In Case You Missed it On Social Media – January 13

• David Weinraub toured the result of his generous donation, the Bariatric and Nutrition Clinic Teaching Kitchen at Albany Medical Center. The kitchen helps patients learn how to eat healthy    before and after weight loss surgery. B&W’s John Harris, a member of the Development Committee at Albany Med, joined David for the tour.

• We shared information in real time during the Governor’s State of the State address.

• The first of our brief profiles of the B&W team, sharing something about each of us that may come as a surprise, was launched with an intro to David Weinraub.

• We boasted about Kemp Hannon’s participation in the National American Medical Association’s State Advocacy Summit where he discussed the future of health care reform from his perspective as a former NYS Senator and Chair of the Health Committee.

• James Curran was recognized with a Team Player banner on LinkedIn in celebration of his one year anniversary with the firm.