Message From David Weinraub

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A Message from David Weinraub:

We thought it especially appropriate to express our gratitude to you and your team as we leave 2020 behind. The business relationships – and in some cases personal relationships- we have with you are not only critical to our success but so very meaningful to us. Without you, there is no us; we take that to heart every single day.

This year was the most challenging year most of us have faced in our lifetime. We have never experienced the full impact of a pandemic and the very serious economic crisis accompanying it in the United States. We have had to ask ourselves new and different questions as leaders of organizations, as family members and as neighbors. We have changed and stepped up in so many ways, and were reminded the hard way that indeed we are all in this journey together.

Because of the continued confidence you have placed in us, we would like to outline a couple of things we did just to show COVID and the economy who’s boss. We kept all of our people employed; we doubled down on new, expanded downtown Albany offices and we hired a couple new people to make us stronger. In January, we will introduce you to two new members of the Brown & Weinraub team, and we will likely have a few more staff announcements in Q1-2.

To acknowledge our appreciation for your support, we have chosen to make a donation that will help provide food for those in need – too many of whom never expected to need this kind of help.

Please come visit us at our new digs if you ever get to Albany; when the time comes – and it will – we will have one slammin’ office opening party. See you there.

Until then, we pray for peace.  Thanks for sticking with us.  The best to you and yours.