Neil Benjamin

Neil Benjamin joined the firm after 31 years at the New York State Department of Health, most recently as director of the Division of Health Facility Planning. There, he was responsible for many high-level programs and initiatives ranging from overseeing the Certificate of Need Program to administering the HEAL NY (Health Care Efficiency and Affordability Law) and FSHRP (Federal- State Health Reform Partnership) grant programs.

He was also liaison to the Berger Commission and represented the DOH on the Dormitory Authority board. Neil oversaw many workforce retention and recruitment programs, and was a key member of the DOH internal team dealing with health care crisis situations including bankruptcies and reorganizations. He helped create innovative programs designed to measure public health indicators and use them for new approaches to health care service and market planning, such as the Prevention Quality Indicators navigator.

He has particular expertise in antitrust/market share analysis and assessing strategic planning initiatives such as mergers, acquisitions and governance changes and capital development/financing strategies for hospitals, long term care facilities and outpatient clinics including ambulatory surgery.

Neil’s background in accounting and DOH experience offers a unique blend of skills and value to our clients.