Client Focus

Our client Tableau is helping New York State maximize the value of its data and people with desktop, server and cloud-based solutions. Tableau was founded by an Academy Award-winning professor, a brilliant computer scientist at the world’s most prestigious university, and a savvy business leader with a passion for data to make databases and spreadsheets understandable to ordinary people. Helping people see and understand their data is increasingly important to solve problems, particularly as the amount of available data continues to grow every day.

Client Assistance

Brown & Weinraub is working will health care innovator Call9 to expand its capacity to serve nursing homes in New York State. The startup firm, which chose to locate its headquarters in a StartUp New York location in Brooklyn, helps nursing home patients avoid trips to the emergency room by employing specially-trained staff on site and 24/7 access to Emergency Room physicians via telehealth. This model, which advances New York’s goals for improving health care quality and reducing costs, is the type of inventive approach not contemplated in existing statute or regulation. Our goal is to help the state see the value of this model and support its growth.

Government Relations

Representing clients concerning legislative, regulatory and administrative matters before the state legislature, executive branch including the office of the state attorney general and state comptroller.


Strategic Consulting

Providing strategic consulting services to deliver a comprehensive business development solution for your firm from aligning your strategic objectives with the State to tactical decisions to penetrate the State market.


Health Care and Human Services

Recognizing reforms to state and federal healthcare policy. We predict trends; identify new opportunities or potential changes, and develop strategies to address these developments.


Corporate and Legal Affairs

Working with companies in the areas of finance, insurance, pharmaceutical, IT, sports and gaming, entertainment, and renewable energies, we serve as outside legal counsel for all business needs.


Client Comments

  • I mean it when I say that you are our strongest team on the field globally - hands down. Looking forward to working with you for years to come.

    Senior VP of Government Relations for the global leader in entertainment, sports and fashion.
  • As a company that brought disruptive change to elder care we knew we knew we were doing right by the patient, family, and the taxpayer but we also needed to make sure we were doing it within New York's regulatory framework. Brown & Weinraub helped us expertly navigate a landscape we were unfamiliar with.

  • I have been working with your firm for many years and we have had several successes. This year we were able to get various agencies and DOB/Governor and many others to agree on language drafted by your firm -- a huge accomplishment for all providers in the behavioral and substance abuse arena.

    Executive Director, New York Psychotherapy and Counseling Center