Government Relations

Brown & Weinraub is a premier government relations and full-service law firm that represents clients concerning legislative, regulatory and administrative matters before the state legislature, executive branch including the office of the state attorney general and state comptroller, and local governments throughout New York State.

Healthcare Consulting & Advocacy

Brown & Weinraub is at the forefront of recognizing reforms to state and federal healthcare policy. We predict trends; identify new opportunities or potential changes, and develop strategies to address these developments.

Corporate and Legal Affairs

Brown & Weinraub has extensive experience working with companies in the areas of finance, insurance, pharmaceutical, IT, sports and gaming, entertainment, solar and other renewable energies. We’ll serve as outside legal counsel for all your business needs including, development of product and services, corporate governance and complex commercial litigation.

Strategic Consulting

Our senior advisors will provide strategic consulting services to deliver a comprehensive business development solution for your firm from aligning your strategic objectives with the State to tactical decisions to penetrate the State market. We have experience with firms at different stages of maturity from those driving to expand their existing presence in the State to those trying to first enter the market.