The Times Union Profile of David Weinraub is Worth Reading

January 12, 2022

Points in the article we liked best include: "Economic development arguments are a winner, since Hochul is “very focused” on bringing jobs to New York ahead of the upcoming election."... "While he can come across as accessible, Weinraub is unmistakably a power broker. His half-eponymous firm, Brown & Weinraub, sells government relations and strategic consulting."... "Weinraub hires mostly former state staffers from across administrations and political parties. He claims to jump to hire “good people” when they become available, figuring out the specifics of their roles later on. His lobbyists start by talking about policy issues to staff members at agencies and in the offices of elected officials, rather than by knocking at the governor’s door."... "His personal frankness, offset by extreme political delicacy, is an almost-jarring reminder that the business of governance is many layers deeper than the political headlines. Weinraub is helpful to lawmakers, in part, due to his survival as a spectator of the churning machinery of the state."

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