The experience of our firm and expertise of our team position us to provide a broad range of serviceshelping rank us #1 lobbyist in New York

We work on behalf of clients to:      

  • Introduce innovations to improve government functions
  • Educate decision makers
  • Pass, amend or avoid legislation
  • Influence the regulatory process
  • Enhance the organization’s profile among elected officials

We help clients formulate and enact policies that:      

  • Improve the lives of their clients or customers
  • Advance industry performance
  • Strengthen New York’s business climate
  • Increase access to services or products

With a unique view into the offerings and needs of our more than 200 clients, Brown & Weinraub is positioned to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships.      

Our team approach positions clients to benefit from the broadest range of ideas including:     

  • Business growth strategy
  • New product development
  • Industry disruption or protection
  • Beneficial Partnerships

Coalition Building
We identify and engage entities and individuals with aligned interests such as:      

  • Elected officials and public champions
  • Business organizations and leaders
  • Policy experts and influencers
  • Labor unions
  • Grassroots organizations
  • Clients and customers

Federal Advocacy
Brown & Weinraub has long-standing relationships with many members of congress in leadership positions, as well as appointed members of the Biden Administration.     

We’re pleased to help clients connect with officials and staff to pursue their agenda at the federal level.