Fred Weinraub

Fred returns to Brown & Weinraub after working for a large New York City based affordable and supportive housing developer, which owned, developed, and managed apartment buildings throughout the City. These projects responded to the urgent needs of communities, with a focus on high quality design with environmentally friendly materials and refined architecture.  

Fred was responsible for furthering progress on a $202 million development in Brooklyn and played an integral role in securing a $10 million Homeless Housing and Assistance Program (HHAP) grant. Fred was also engaged in the closing of another Brooklyn development with a total development cost of $39 million. Both developments were under the Governor’s Vital Brooklyn Initiative, which is an ongoing community development program for underserved neighborhoods in Central Brooklyn. Further roles included site acquisition research on behalf of senior level leadership.

Internally, Fred was involved in the process of revamping the developer’s website. This included enhancing the display of all development projects and statistics. He also worked with various third-party companies to integrate key fundraiser and outreach software, which resulted in an increase of industry and stakeholder exposure.

In addition to his experience detailed above, Fred has political campaign experience at the local, state, and federal levels. This work includes organizing fundraisers, grassroot voter communication, and advance work throughout the Hudson Valley for a highly contested Congressional seat.

Currently, Fred works as a senior advisor with Brown and Weinraub clients in the technology, housing, and general procurement space.